Adults - RAISE YOUR GAME with Lessons and Clinics.


Enjoy three seasons of clay court clinics with SPOT.

Spring 6 week season, Summer 10 Week Season; Fall 6 week WeekDAY Season or Fall 8 week WeekEND Season.    

Clinics are an excellent way to improve your game, hit a lot of balls, have a lot of fun and make new friends.  

If you are registered for a weekly clinic, and cannot make it; give advanced notice and we will direct you to an opportunity to make up your missed session on another day of the week that that level clinic is offered.  If weather may cancel clinic, call 401-749-1072 to listen to recording.  All weather cancelled clinics will be afforded make up opportunities.

SUPERSIZED PASS:  3 SEASON CLINIC SPECIAL - Supersize your pass for $499, AND you will enjoy full pass holder benefits as well as enrollment in one weekly clinic of your choice for Spring, Summer and Fall.  See Passholder Page for details.


Click blue links next to course to register by credit card online.



If you cannot sign up for a whole session you can drop in and pay a "per class" fee. To reserve your spot and register online for a drop in class, go to RESERVATIONS.  Choose the CLASSES Tab. You can filter the types of classes listed by Class Type (ie. Adult Clinic or Cardio Tennis).  Select SIGN UP NOW to enroll in a class on a particular date.  Note. If you are choosing Drop In Classes, you may opt to select Purchasing a DROP IN CLINIC Package of 8 classes for $150, instead of paying $20 for each drop in. 


101 – Enroll in 101 if you are a beginner player or were a recreational player who is returning to the game after a long period of time.  101 will cover the fundamentals and emphasizes technical stroke production: volleys, forehands, backhands, intro to serve.

201 – Enroll in 201 if you have successfully completed 101 and are ready for a faster paced class.  201 is a reinforcement of stroke production of 101, with the addition of more live ball movement tracking and games based drills.  Players will expand upon repertoire to include greater emphasis on serve and return of serve, and begin to incorporate specialty shots: overhead and lob.

301 & 401 – Enroll in these classes which address the players who have progressively improved from 201. Reinforcement of proper technique as well as additional shots like lob, overhead, drop shot, return of serve, half volley, approach shots etc; learn to add pace and spin, learn to handle pace and spin; tactical strategy and patterns of play including shot selection choices, setting up combinations of shots, recognition of offensive, defensive and neutral plays; recognition of patterns of play and how to use them and to react to them.

Sunday Clinic – 10:30 - Noon We spread across 4-6 courts to host clinics for 201, 301 and 401 levels simultaneously.  Come with your friends, across so many courts, we can support different levels at the same time.  

Each week SPOT will highlight a different technique or tactic and that will be repeated and reinforced in each of the classes of the week.   (ie.  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday classes).  This will give players who are enrolled once weekly to experience it, and players who are enrolled multiple times weekly, will enjoy the reinforcement and extra practice of it.

Student/Instructor/Court Ratios:  

Clinics generally host as many as 6 players on a court with an instructor or 8 players on 2 courts with an instructor. Cardio Tennis classes generally host as many as 8 players per court and instructor.



FALL (Weekday Season: Aug 27 - Oct 2)

6 Week Long WeekDAY Fall Sessions.  $99

Each weeknight has two different clinics: either 101 and 201 or 201 and 301 offered on separate courts.

TUE  5:30 - 7PM (Aug 28 - Sep 11) & 5- 6:30PM)  (Sep 17 - Oct 1)   201

WED  5:30 - 7 PM (Aug 28 - Sep 12) & 5 - 6:30)  (Sep 18 - Oct 2)    101 and 101B

THU  5:30 - 7PM (Aug 29 - Sep 12) & 5- 6:30PM)  (Sep 19 - Oct 3)   301/401

FALL (Weekend Season: Aug 24 - Oct 13)

8 Week Long WeekEND Fall Sessions.  $132

SAT 11:30AM  - 1 PM   101 B

SAT  1 PM - 2:30   201

SUN 10:30 - 12 PM  301/401

SUN 10:30AM - 12 PM  201

SAT 9 - 10 AM Cardio Tennis ($96)

SPRING (May 4 - Jun 18)

6 Week Long Spring Sessions.  $99

TUE 6:30 - 8 PM   201

WED 6:30 - 8 PM    101 Beginner

THU 6:30 - 8 PM    301/401

SAT  11:30AM  - 1 PM    201

SUN 10:30AM - 12 PM   201

SUN 10:30AM - 12 PM    301/401

SAT 9 - 10 AM  Cardio Tennis ($72 )

 SUMMER (Jun 15 - Aug 17)

10 Week Long Summer Sessions.  $165

TUE 6:30 - 8 PM    201/301 * (no clinic on July 4. MU available on any Sunday 10:30 clinic)

WED 6:30 - 8 PM    101 Beginner  + 101B (for those who took 101 in Spring)

THU 6:30 - 8 PM    301/401

SAT 10 - 11:30AM  101

SAT 11:30AM  - 1 PM  201

SUN 10:30 - 12PM   301/401

SUN 10:30AM - 12 PM   201

SAT 9 - 10 AM   Cardio Tennis $120