Patrons who fail to adhere to the following Rules, may at the discretion of SPOT staff, forfeit their privileges without refund, to play at the facility.  


  • No Tobacco or Alcohol permitted at the Facility.

  • Help keep our Facility Clean!

    • Properly dispose of all trash in the trash and recycle bins. This includes bottles, wrappers, grip tapes, tennis ball cans, lids, banana peels etc.

  • SPOT has the exclusive right to offer lesson and league services, court rental, stringing services, racket and grip sales, food and beverage sales and any other concession related to the playing and enjoyment of tennis, at the tennis facility, in the courtyard, and in the parking lots of the tennis facility (the "Facility").

    • No persons other than SPOT approved staff may offer such concessions at the Facility. This includes the exchange of rackets for stringing purposes.

    • No persons other than SPOT approved staff, or those approved by SPOT Staff, shall conduct lessons on the courts.

  • After rain, players should not enter the tennis courts to examine the playability of the courts. Contact SPOT Staff to learn when play may be resumed on the courts.

  • Bathroom Facilities are provided beyond Court 7 near the BaseBall Field. The key to the Bathroom can be found on the Tennis Shed Door Handle. Promptly return key after use.


  • Proper footwear is required on court: flat soled sneakers only.

  • Please check in upon Arrival to confirm your court assignment.

  • Players are limited to the use of a maximum of 6 balls on courts, other than on teaching courts. Players may pay an additional $3 fee to use a basket of balls on a court.

  • Players MUST sweep their court upon completion of play. * Failure to sweep the court as detailed herein will result in an individual $3 Sweeping fee.

    • Please allow enough time to sweep before the allotted court rental time has elapsed.

    • Sweeping should extend up to at least 4 feet behind each baseline, and 6 inches to the outside of each doubles alley.

    • Take care to not hang brooms and line sweepers in such a manner to damage the windscreens, brooms or line sweepers and their brushes.

     * An exception to the Sweeping Rule is when players are asked by SPOT to vacate a court due to rain.  


  • If there is a wait at the facility, Singles play may be converted to Doubles play and play may be limited to 90 minutes. This is includes Passholders’ Online Reserved Court Rentals.

  • When entering a gate or walking behind a court in use, please wait until the completion of the point before entering or crossing.

  • If your ball goes onto or behind an adjacent court in use, please wait until the completion of the point before retrieving the ball or requesting its return.

  • If there is a dispute between players, kindly approach the net to quietly discuss and resolve the dispute in such a manner as to not disturb other players.

  • Please refrain from using the hitting wall in the courtyard when players are using Court 10.


The Rules of Tennis can be long and sometimes confusing.  SPOT staff is happy to help you understand the nuances of the rules and the proper application thereof.  We encourage you to read the entire Code, to take a look through the 2016 Friend at Court, and if you plan to play USTA League Tennis, to familiarize yourself with the 2016 League Regulations or ask your Captain specific questions.

Thank You For Choosing to Play at the Park and For Observing the Rules.

Together, We can Make the Park the Best Place to Enjoy Tennis in RI.