2018 Season Pass Options

Our 2018 Season Passes are  the BEST DEAL in the State for frequent Tennis Players!  For players who want to combine a weekly clinic with Season Pass play benefits, we have our SUPERSIZED Passes too.  Carefully read through the options below, including price, benefits and restrictions. Then be sure to tell all your friends about the joys of being a Park Pass Holder.  Tennis at the Park - It's about FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP!


Once you click the button to enter the Online Store, be sure to select CONTRACT/PACKAGE Option to select your Season Pass for Purchase.


This is our standard adult pass and a great choice for those looking for lots of social, competitive and USTA league match play from May - Nov.  

Less than a cup of coffee a day.


This pass combines 24 weekly clinics with all the perks of the Adult Pass and more!  Vault your game to the next level and Supersize your pass !  

This is like paying about $20 per clinic and enjoying waived court rental/ match fees all season long!


From Memorial Day - Labor Day, this pass grants you all the perks of the Adult Pass.  That's 99 Days of Clay Court Fun for about $3 per day!


Are you 20 something years old?  Enjoy all the perks of our Adult Pass but at a deep discount!  As if being 20 Something wasn't awesome enough! 


Are you 20 Something and interested in taking a weekly clinic in Spring, Summer and Fall?  Supersize for just $120 more!  You'll receive all the 20 Something Pass Benefits plus 24 weekly clinics and ability to drop in to more clinics for just $5 per.   


Your junior SUPERSIZED player can drop in to any Junior Clinics (at the appropriate age + skill level) during our Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions. (Less than $12/clinic !) Plus enjoy a waiver of court rental fees for walk on play.

Be Sure to Read the Full Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Passes Below.

2018 Season Pass Terms

Adult Season Pass - $389

  • Enjoy a FULL WAIVER of fees for the following:  
    • Individual walk-on and reserved Court Rental fees * (this is a $12 repeat value)
    • USTA HOME Match fees at the Park discounted 50% (This is a $9 repeat value)
    • SPOT flex matches and SPOT leagues as space permits (p/h MUST supply a NEW can of balls for their Match) (this is a $12 repeat value.  Player must be appropriate level for their league / flex match choice.)
  • Enjoy reduced rates on the following:
    • Enjoy reduced Drop-In fee for clinics you choose to attend at just $15 per drop-in.  (This is a $5 repeat value)
    • Enjoy $15 off of Five Packs of SPOT private lessons
    • Enjoy $5 off stringing.  
    • Enjoy discount on tournament play.
  • Use of courts are on a first come/first served basis, subject to the class and league schedules of SPOT and the enrollment of pay per play users.  (Note when there is a wait at the facility, players may be asked to relinquish their court after 1.5 hours of play and/or asked to be moved from a singles to a doubles match in order to accommodate more players.)
  • Passholders may reserve court time online but due to limitations in the software, such reservations may be altered on site by SPOT staff.  (this rarely happens and usually results in shifting to either 90 minutes or moving a singles match into doubles.)
  • All Pass Sales are Nonrefundable and Final.  
  • Passholder Benefits will NOT be extended until the DATE of PURCHASE.
  • Incorporation of Facility Rules.  All benefits of this pass is subject to the Facility Rules, which by reference is incorporated in its entirety in Pass Holder Terms. 

SUPERSIZED Adult Season Pass - $499

  • Same Terms as Adult Season Pass above, PLUS
  • Enjoy enrollment in a Spring, Summer and Fall Weekly clinic of your choice.  Players must select and enroll in a specific clinic that meets once each week.              (the clinics alone are valued at $444, and this pass will allow you unlimited match play too).
  • Enjoy reduced $10 drop-in Fee for any additional clinics you choose to drop into (this is $10 repeat value)

"Summer Only" Season Pass - $329

  • Between Memorial Day - Labor Day only,  enjoy the Same Terms as Adult Season Pass above.

"Twenty Something" Season Pass - $279

  • For players who are under 30 years at the time of their purchase.   Same terms as Adult Season Pass above, Plus
  • The ability to Supersize it for $120 more.  

"Twenty Something" Supersized Season Pass - $399

  • For players who are under 30 years at the time of their purchase.   Same terms as Supersized Adult Season Pass above.

Junior SUPERSIZED Season Pass - $499

  • Same Terms as Adult Season Pass above. PLUS
  • Enroll in or drop in to any of our Junior Clinics that apply to your age +/ level between May 5 - Oct 13 (this is over a $750 value)

To purchase your season pass and enjoy online booking, click the appropriate button above.  This will send you to MindBodyOnline Enrollment system for SPOT.  Create a profile: you can link spouses and children to your profile for ease of registration and ability to book and purchase for each other.  Once your profile is created go to ONLINE STORE and select Season Pass.  Follow prompts for purchase.  Once you have the Season Pass linked to your profile you will be able to Book Courts Online by selecting the APPOINTMENT Tab.  You can also enjoy all the benefits of the Pass as delineated above. 

                                                                                                       Play more - Buy a Pass Today!

                                                                                                       Play more - Buy a Pass Today!