Our Philosophy is to instill a lifelong love for the game of tennis in your child.  

Depending upon the maturity of your child, s/he is welcome to participate in our Drop In Tennis and Flex Match Play as detailed on the right.  

We also have other Junior Players that we can set them up with for practice match play.  

Call or Text Larry at 401-749-1072

BEAT THE PRO - $60 FOR Your Stab To Win a Set 

SPOT is excited to announce that our visiting guest Pro originally from Zimbabwe, Tendai Tapfuma, has returned to the Park again this Season.  This elite athlete enjoyed great success in Division 1 Tennis and was even invited to play for his Davis Cup Team.  

Besides RI Native, Jared Donaldson, who comes to train on the clay when he is visiting RI, our courts have never seen the likes of him.  Hewill be available for one-on-one "Beat the Pro" match play, private instruction, Beast-High Performance Training, Exhibition Play and more.   

Please call Larry to set up your time with him.



DROP-IN MATCH PLAY - SPOT Staff helps to suggest pairings and get you out on court for fun, social tennis. There is no need to register for Drop In. Just come on down. Players supply their own balls. (No Fee for Passholders)

Weekday Drop In Match Play $10 on weekday mornings at 9am. 
Weekend Drop In Match Play $12 at 8:30am and at 10:30am.   

ADULT – FLEX GAME MATCHING SERVICES SPOT’s acclaimed Flex Game Matching Services allow players to secure a 2 hour court reservation and to receive help in finding at level partners and opponents to play a Singles or Doubles Match. Sign up for a Flex Match!  $12. (No charge for passhoolder but they supply balls).

MAKE YOUR OWN MATCH PLAY – Players manage their own games and schedules through walk-on play or by utilizing the ONLINE Court Reservation system.  To reserve online go to RESERVATIONS.  Choose a date.  Click on Singles or Doubles at the time slot available.  (no charge for passholders)