13 Week Winter Session Indoors with SPOT! 

SPOT is excited to host you on the warm and beautiful courts of the Pizzatola Center, of Brown University: 233 Hope Street, Building B, ProvidenceProvidence RI.*  All Winter Clinics will be held on Saturdays or Sundays between December 3 - March 12.

REscheduled Clinic Dates Due to Brown Varsity Team Match Schedule OR SNOW  

Snow Cancellation on Saturday Jan 7 Make Up Clinics will be on Saturday, March 18.

* Tennis 101 @ 1 pm
* Tennis JPD @ 2:30 pm
* Tennis 201 @ 4 pm

==================== Revised Schedule on Saturday, March 11

All As usual, except 101 is moved to 2:30 pm start time on Court 2.

Except as mentioned above, the schedule for each class can be determined below.

Junior Player DeveloPment I, II, III

Saturdays 2:30 - 4pm


For junior players ages 7-12.   Sign your child up and we will assign them to the appropriate court.  Your child will learn the FUNdamentals of tennis in this games based approach to teaching tennis.  In addition to forehands, backhands, volleys and serves, your child will enjoy fan favorite games of fences, wipe out, jail break, king of the court, cheap feed doubles and more.      

Fun! Fitness & Friendship!     8 students per court.  

Teen Beast

SUndays.   5:30 - 7pm


For junior players who are looking to make or to climb the ladder on their Middle School and High School teams.  Serves, Returns of Serve, Groundstrokes, volleys, 1/2 volleys, specialty shots (overhead, spins, drive, lob, drop) will be covered. Tactics and strategy and fun group games to keep your teenager engaged!  If your child enjoyed Beast at the Park or is ready to make the jump from JPD III, this is a good choice for him or her.                 Fun! Fitness & Friendship!          6 students per court

ADULT 101 +

SATURDAYS       1 - 2:30 PM


For Adult Beginner Players.  Your Pro will teach you proper technique and guide you through proven drills to improve your skills on your groundstrokes, volleys and serves. By the end of this indoor season you will have made friends with other new players and be ready to start playing matches together as you continue to grow your game for the Spring Season.         Fun! Fitness & Friendship!           6-8 Players per court.

ADULT 201 

SATURDAYS       4 - 5:30 PM


For Adult Competitive Beginners and Intermediates.  Your Pro will guide you through proven drills to improve your skills on your groundstrokes, volleys,  serves, returns of serve, and more. Players learn strategic theory and tactics and finish with coached match play or group games.    Fun! Fitness & Friendship!      4-6 players per court. 

ADULT 301/401 

SunDAYS.       4-5:30 PM


For adults who are competitive intermediates and advanced players.  Your Pro will guide you through proven drills to improve your skills on serve, returns of serve, groundstroke, volley, and specialty shots of approach, half volley, overhead, lob, and drop; and will help you learn strategically and technically when and how to best add spins and variations of pace.  Players will learn to develop and recognize patterns of play.  Each session will end with coached match play.    Fun! Fitness & Friendship!            4 players per court. 

DIRECTIONS to BROWN Pizzatola Tennis Center, 233 Hope Street, Building B, Providence RI.   If this is your first time, give yourself extra time to determine your parking and to find the indoor tennis courts which are on the 4th floor of the Pizzatola Gymnasium (see image below).  You can park on the street or in Lots 2 and 90.  Be sure to observe signage.  When entering the fourth floor, please do not enter the courts until the prior players have finished their play.  Parents may come and remain on the benches during their juniors' clinics if they desire.