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GPS is not always helpful when finding the courts.  If you are using GPS, you should enter the address for the Main Entrance to Roger Williams Park and then follow signs to the Tennis Courts once you are inside the Park.  We are located just after the Entrance to the Zoo.   See Red Pin above.  The Main Entrance is 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, RI 


  • Take 95 NORTH to EXIT NO. 16 
  • Bare Right on Exit toward ELMWOOD AVENUE (Do not go left toward Route 10 N)
  • At bottom of Exit Ramp, Take LEFT onto ELMWOOD Ave.
  • Enter the Park about 1/2 up on your RIGHT. 


  • Take 95 SOUTH to Exit 17 onto Elmwood Ave.
  • Turn LEFT onto ELMWOOD Ave
  • Take Jug Handle on right to Enter the Park on your LEFT.  



Do I need to be a member to play on your courts?  

No.  These courts are open to the PUBLIC, however there is a fee to play on them.  

If they are outdoor and open to the public, how come there is a rental fee?

At the start of each season, just getting the lines down and the clay ready for play is a painstaking, labor intensive job.  All season long, weather and play impacts the clay too.  Your small fee goes a long way in helping to address these costs.  

Can I play on the courts when it is raining? 

Unlike on hard surface tennis courts, players can still enjoy playing on har tru clay tennis courts in light rain or drizzle. Sustained rain will eventually cancel play when water is no longer absorbed by the clay and puddling occurs.  

How come after a storm when the sun is shining, the courts may not be open?  

After a big storm, even though the sun is shining, the courts may still not be playable.  After heavy rain fall or even after heavy wind, much of the topsoil surface will be washed away and SPOT staff will need to go on and rebuild certain areas of the courts, perhaps patch up areas that lost a lot of clay and roll with a One Ton Roller to relevel the surface.  Also if there was a lot of rain, then staff needs to wait to start the work in order to protect the integrity of the surface.  

How will I know if my match or class is cancelled? 

You can call 401-749-1072 and listen to the voice message.  We will also update our FaceBook Page and cancel the class schedule on MindBodyOnline.  But the place that gets updated the most quickly is Larry's voice message. 

If I prepaid for a class or court Rental, and weather cancels the event, what happens?  Spot will credit your account for a future use, if your class or rental was cancelled by SPOT before play had begun or before 2/3 of the time slot was enjoyed.  


Purchases can be made by cash, check or by credit card.  See below on how to make purchases or reservations online through  MINDBODYONLINE reservation system.  Note there is a Phone and iPad app Mindbody Connect which conveniently allows you to sign up for flex match play or to drop in to clinics or cardio tennis.  Hopefully soon they will have functionality for full session enrollments via the smart phone too.  

Do I need to "log in" or create a profile in order to book online?  

Yes.  but once you create a profile, it will allow you easy registration for all your SPOT services throughout the season.  

How do I buy a Season Pass? 

Go to Season Pass Page. Read the options and choose which pass best suits you.  Click the Black Button which will bring you to the online store to purchase your pass.  If you prefer to pay by cash or check, you may do so directly at the courts or through the mail.  Just Contact Us and we will provide you with the mailing address. 

How do I reserve a court?  

Click RESERVATIONS  This brings you to the MBO online reservation site for SPOT.  Once you are logged in, select the APPOINTMENT Tab.  Choose the date desired.  Choose available time on the court sheet for Singles or Doubles.  Follow prompts.  

How do I book a Private Lesson?  The easiest way to book a private lesson is to call or text the SPOT Pro directly.  See the Staff Page for each Instructors contact information.  To book online, go to the RESERVATION Page.  This will direct you to SPOT's online enrollment booking system powered through MindBodyOnline.  After registering or signing into MBO, go to APPOINTMENTS Tab.  Choose the Calendar Date of your choice and search Larry's availability under Court 9, Marisa's availability under Court 10, and Michael's availability under Michael. Follow prompts.  Best to follow up with a call or text directly to your pro simply stating that you booked them at ___ date and ____time.   Sometime a pro books on his own and does not update the system to show he is unavailable.  

How do I register for a Session of clinics (ie. Spring Sunday Clinics)?   

Click RESERVATIONS  This brings you to the MBO online reservation site for SPOT.  Once you are logged in, select the ENROLLMENT Tab.  You can filter class types (ie. adult clinic, junior clinic, tournament) to show you only the list of Sessions you are interested in.  Choose SIGN UP NOW and follow the prompts once you have chosen the season of classes you want.  

If I am not available for all the dates in an Enrollment Session, can I get a pro-rated discount?  

No.  Instead of signing up for an entire session you can choose to drop in to clinics at your convenience so long as space is available.  To drop in to a clinic or class, click RESERVATIONS.  This brings you to the MBO online reservation site for SPOT.  Once you are logged in, select the CLASS Tab.  You can filter by class type if desired.  Select the Class that you are interested in dropping into.  When you are prompted to purchase, you can either purchase a "one time Drop In", or choose to purchase an "8 Pack of Clinics", which you can continue to use all season long.  If you choose the 8 pack you enjoy a discount from the drop in rate and the convenience of having them on account.  Also when you choose to drop in to a class, the system will automatically prompt you if you want to choose future dates of the same class for easy enrollment to most of a session.  

If I want to just Drop In on a class instead of signing up for an entire session, can I?  

Yes - See the answer directly above.  

How do I sign up for a Flex Singles or Doubles Match? 

Choose  RESERVATIONS.  Select the CLASSES Tab.  Choose to filter class type to FLEX LEAGUE SINGLES or DOUBLES. Choose SIGN UP NOW on the day & time for Flex you want.  If you have a particular partner you want to sign up with, be sure to include their name in enrollment.