See below for info on leagues, flex matches, drop-in match play, and make your own match play, USTA LEAGUE  and more.  

If a league match is rained out, you will have the opportunity to make up your match during open court time.

Passholders may register for all (non USTA) league play at no extra charge, but must supply a new can of balls for each match.  

ADULT USTA MATCH PLAY –SPOT hosts many USTA Teams.  Season Passholders enjoy a 50% discount on Home Match Fees when they play for a Park Team.  If you are interested in playing USTA, SPOT will introduce you to the Captain for your level or assist you in creating a team for future play.  USTA TEAMS may enjoy SPOT USTA PRACTICES with guided drilling and coached match play.  Have your captain speak to Larry to arrange.  For more info see bottom of this page.

DROP-IN MATCH PLAY - Starting in May,   SPOT Staff helps to suggest pairings and get you out on court for fun, social tennis. There is no need to register for Drop In. Just come on down - first come, first serve.  Players supply their own balls. (No Fee for Passholders). 

Weekday Drop In Match Play $12 on weekday mornings at 9am.  ($2 discount to Senior 65+)
Weekend Drop In Match Play $12 at 8:30am and at 10:30am.   

ADULT – FLEX GAME MATCHING SERVICES SPOT’s acclaimed Flex Game Matching Services allow players to secure a 2 hour court reservation and to receive help in finding at level partners and opponents to play a Singles or Doubles Match.  We have times Flex Match play offered multiple times each week.  Search the "Class" Tab on the MindBody App, and conveniently register from your phone.

Sign up for a Flex Match!  $12.  


(June 26 - Aug 28)

Enjoy this fun, 10 week singles tennis league, which includes 2 hours of prime time rental and a new can of balls. You will play best of 3 set match.  This singles league is for male or female players who are of intermediate (B level) skill range (men: 3.0 - 3.5; women 3.5 - 4.0).    


(June 28 - Aug 30)

Enjoy this fun, 10 week singles tennis league, which includes 2 hours of court time and a new can of balls. You will play best of 3 set match.  This singles league will have an A and B Division (A: Men 4.0 - 4.5.  B: 3.0 - 3.5).

Sunday Afternoon Beginner Social LeagueS: 12:30 PM $99

May 6 - Jun 24

Jul 8 - Aug 26

Enjoy  fun, 8 week season of match play in Singles, Doubles or Mixed doubles.  Includes 2 hours of court time and a new can of balls. (For 2.5- 3.0 players.  A great starter league for our 201 clinic players.  




Beat The Pro Matches - $65 for 60 minute match

These are great options to practice match play against one of our pros.  This can be enjoyed in Singles or Doubles settings.  Email Marisa to inquire about how to schedule. 

MAKE YOUR OWN MATCH PLAY – Players manage their own games and schedules through walk-on play or by utilizing the ONLINE Court Reservation system.  To reserve online go to RESERVATIONS.  Choose a date.  Click on Singles or Doubles at the time slot available.  2 hour reservations are required.

TOURNAMENT PLAY Spot hosts several tournament weekends this season.  Please see Tournament Page for information or go to RESERVATIONS, choose the ENROLLMENT Tab, filter to Tournaments, and choose SIGN UP NOW for the tournaments of your choice.  


USTA League Tennis features hundreds of thousands of participants nationwide competing, exercising and having fun.  

Your local Park Team will have a schedule that will play against teams of the same level from other clubs in the state.  Most team's local flight will include 8-12 team matches with half being home and half away at the opponent's facility.  At the end of the season, the top 1 or 2 teams from each flight, is invited to compete in the District Championships (against the top teams of a neighboring couple of states).  Winners of that, are invited to compete in the Sectional Championship to determine who is the best team at their level to represent New England in the National Championships.  It is a lofty goal but we have had a few park teams to make it all the way to the Nationals.  Maybe this year it will be your team's turn.  

Here are some reasons to join a Park team.

  • It's Fun! It's Exciting! and it's awesome to be part of a Team again!  Spend time with friends and make some new friends. 
  • You will enjoy being grouped with the same level of players and helping each other to improve your games.  
  • Nurturing and encouraging captains.  Tell them your schedule conflicts and they will schedule you for byes.  
  • All home matches are delightfully at the Park!  We have been stuck inside all winter long.  Let's enjoy this nice weather.  (When rain is an issue you will have a prescheduled rain date that is easy to plan for.  Rain dates that are not needed are great to use for practices.)
  • SPOT staff available to offer team practices and lessons.
  • Teams available at the following levels: Women (2.5 - 4.0); Men (3.0 - 4.0).  Aged divisions may include 18+, 40+, 55+, 65*

Schedule:  Matches may be scheduled: 

  • April 6 - June 29 for aged 55+ teams.
  • May - July 20  for aged 18+ and 40+  teams.  
  • Jun 15 - Aug 15 for aged 65+
  • Your team captain will give you your team schedule a couple of weeks prior to the first team match.  So you can review and let him or her know which dates you CANNOT play. 
  • HOME Matches are typically 6pm on Weeknights.   There may be some weekend matches.  
  • Away Matches are most likely indoors and may start at 6 or 8 pm on weeknights or on weekend morning or afternoons.  

Teams that are at the top of their LOCAL FLIGHT, advance to District Championships.  

Matches:  There are singles and or doubles opportunities in the Age divisions 18+, 40+.  In 55+ and 65+ there is only doubles play.  

Rating:  If you do not have an NTRP rating we will assist you in going through the self rating process online to determine your rating and level of play.  

Fees:  All team members must be a USTA Member.  USTA membership comes with many perks (discounts on tennis related things and monthly subscription to TENNIS Magazine.  Membership is $44 annually.  There are discounts for registering a family or for multiple years. Join USTA today.  Individual match fees are paid to each facility at the start of your match and are $18.  (Park Passholders enjoy a 50% discount to their individual match fee for home matches.  

For more information or to register, please email Marisa